Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rock and a Hard Spot

I am in a spot lately. I have this wonderful plan, great people in place to move it forward and it feels like we have hit a wall. Not a big wall, but a wall. Ever feel like you are at a starting gate and just waiting for that pistol to blow. That is how it feels right now.

We need to be a non-profit so that people can get a tax write-off when then donate. To get that status, you need to incorporate (or LLC) and there are filing costs with all of it. The problem, I am unable to fund the costs. We need an angel and I am having a hard time asking.

My first thought is that I don't want to bother anyone as we are all experiencing hard times right now. Even though we are not calling it a depression, it is. Then, let's face it, there is my pride. I am an independent woman and I am not used to asking for help unless I am forced into it.

Money is an odd energy. Everyone seems to have their own feelings about it and it is like snowflakes, none are the same!

When we look at money logically, it is a method of exchange. This paper or coin for your goods or service. Easy, right? Well, when you are hauling your change bucket into the grocery store to dump it into the sorter so that you have laundry money and some food, not so easy.

Then we have the spiritual way of looking at money. It is simply an energy that we can call. Well, I have it on speed dial right now and it is not answering!

We are all taught from infancy our idea of money and it seems to carry forward. I had parents that both worked - Dad had his own business and Mom was a nurse. We lived a nice life, if we were doing without, they hid it well. Okay, I am the oldest, so I do remember some serious noodle casseroles and awful soup times. But overall, that may have just been bad recipes...who knows?!?!

My concept of money growing up was there was enough, but we watched how we spent it. Food was always plentiful. Clothes, coats and shoes were chosen with care as they needed to last for a while. Today, I am a great shopper and have honed those skills to an art recently while being on under-employment. I was in the 99 cent store recently and remember thinking that I wish I was flush, I could really get some great things there! Target has become my new "department" store and the mall, while being blocks from my place, seems to have become that wishful land of Eden. A place we would like to visit if it was only real.

So, I continue to do the next indicated step, which is fill out the paperwork for the non-profit status to the best of my ability. Copyright the logo and our name (which is free) and set up the website with what we have.

And I will also know that the Universe will do for me what I cannot do for myself.


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