Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where do we start?

So I had no idea what to do with this idea once I got it. However, I did not sleep that whole night. Someone or something was determined that I do not let the idea go. So, first thing in the morning I called my friend who is active in the animal community.

I asked Kathleen what she thought and she was instantly interested. She gave me the number of a woman she had met recently that was a Healer and said I should call her too. So I called Christen and we talked like we had known each other forever! She is also dating Larry, who just happens to work at the VA. All looking very serendipitous, huh?

So we all agreed to get together at my place one evening and toss around the ideas to see if we thought it would work. I put together a barbeque and as we ate, we talked. First we needed to see if it was viable. Sounded good, so how about a name? Kathleen came up with Paws for Troops and we all loved it!

Kathleen's friend, Jeremy, was there and he agreed to design a logo. And the logo was born in the next few days. We all loved it.

Now what? Set up a Twitter account, really? What is Twitter? Well, now I know! I have been Twittering for a couple of months.

Set up a fan page on Facebook. Done and we now have 208 fans as of today!

Start talking to people about the idea. Most people have asked, "how can I help?"

Met with East Valley Shelter and they loved the idea and are on board. They are even setting up a fast track volunteer set up for our veterans.

Larry ran it by his peeps at the VA and we have a tentative approval for the pilot program. He is currently getting us an appointment to make a formal proposal.

Viral marketing checklist:
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Blog
  • Website
  • You Tube
All in place and ready to go. Wow, this has been an adventure and a ride I could not have imagined. What I do know is that it is one of my final thoughts before sleep and one of my waking thoughts. I am passionate about getting this off the ground. This is way bigger than me or any of my plans. This is something that has its own legs and is pushing me when I try to slow it down or stop it.

My own fears of failure have not been able to derail me. One of my dear friends, a veterinarian and humanitarian, told me recently that he knew if anyone could get this done, it would be me.
Why, I am a bulldog! I took it as a compliment, I am stubborn, opinionated and strong willed. I am also compassionate, loving and a marshmallow. I guess these are traits that will serve me on this mission.

Wish me luck, or better yet, ask me how you can help!

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  1. Follow the dream!! :)You are doing a great thing!! Love-Christy